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How to Celebrate Safe Diwali ? Essay In English Tips :- Hello friends, Today we are going to give a Deepawali essay that too in English. How to celebrate Deepawali safely? Also, in this post, you will know which tips are there that help us to celebrate Happy Diwali.

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Diwali means meeting friends-relatives, eating sweets, running crackers fast and lots of fun. But if it does not take precaution, this festival of happiness can also be a problem for some people. Know about problems related to Diwali and their solution: Most incidents on Diwali are due to fire and burn. Apart from this, problems like eye irritation, suffocation, heart attack and ear closure are also common due to the eruptions and bloating.In addition to asthma patients, the elderly, children, home-grown pets need special care on this occasion.


The capital is ready for enjoy on Diwali. The night sky will shine the hills queen with colorful fireworks. To crack down on Diwali, fireworks of Bollywood heroes and heroin are being sold in the capital. businessman Suresh Kumar said that this year people are giving top priority to crackers of branded companies rather than Chinese firecrackers.People are demanding pollution free firecrackers. According to the retailers, the prices of firecrackers have increased by 20 percent this year. For this reason the market has dropped. Compared with the previous year, 25 percent of the business turnover has decreased this year. On Diwali, this year, crackers have also been prepared in the gift pack to gift customers to entice customers. The cost of these gift packs is from 750 to 1500 rupees.

Safe Diwali Tips In English :-

  • Do not keep candles or diya curtains or any other cloth around.
  • Save them from gas, gasoline, oil etc. If there are small children in the house then keep them away from their reach.
  • Often people keep candles on the wall of the balcony, which often have the risk of falling down. Survivor
  • Always buy crackers from licensed and reliable stores. View the label on them and follow the instructions given there.
  • Burn the crackers in open spaces and see if there is no fire catch (petrol, cloth, cotton, wood, straw etc.)
  • Do not burn crackers at all around the electric wires.
  • Do not keep the rest crackers around while burning a cracker. When someone is running a cracker, avoid the fireworks at that time. Do not use a match or lighter to burn fireworks because it has an open flame, which can be dangerous.
  • Use a sparkler, sparkling or long wood to burn crackers so that your hands should be kept away from firecrackers and there is no danger of burning.
  • Do not burn down crackers. Do not burn with your hands at all. Often people start to burn pomegranates in the hand. it’s dangerous.
  • Never run crackers in a tin or glass bottle.
  • While wearing firecrackers, wear shoes and sandals in the feet and keep the face away. If possible, wear glasses with glasses so that the spark can not go in the eye.
  • While lighting crackers like firecrackers, see that their nozzles are not on the window, door and any open building, and they do not have trees, electric wires, etc..
  • If a firecracker is taking too much time to burn, do not burn it again, but throw it in a safe place.
  • Keep the bucket filling nearby and put the burnt crackers in the same.
  • Wearing cotton fittings while wearing firecrackers. The dangers of loose cloths (saris, ladders, sardines, anarkali suits, plazo etc.) are prone to grip, so synthetic fabrics catch fire quickly and sticks to the body.
  • View the label on the crackers and follow the instructions given on it.
  • If there is a fire connected with electricity, do not quench it with water, but rather put the sand to extinguish
  • Two or three people run crackers together to help others in the event of an accident.
  • Keep candles or agarbatti by putting firecrackers at a reasonable distance.
  • Enjoy the fireworks under the care of elders
  • Take special precautions in the old city
  • Parking, vehicles do not get bombs near
  • Make crackers by making distances from hospitals
  • The eyelids are automatically closed when injured. Keep them off
  • Do not panic when there is irritation, pain and sobbing. Painkillers can take painkillers for pain relief.
  • Do not wash your eyes. Do not try to put medicines in the eye on your own or any other’s advice.
  • Do not burn firecrackers on the street or any other public place
  • Do not burn firecrackers in the hands. Burn on the ground
  • If the burner does not burn after burning, then pour water on it.
  • Do not keep the firecrackers near the place of firecrackers.
  • Do not let the young children burn fireworks themselves.
  • Burning crackers do not throw on any person
  • Whether you are burning firecrackers at home or abroad, keep in mind that there is no easy burning around petrol, diesel, kerosene or gas cylinders, etc.
  • Fireworks always buy good brands. Some people sell pomegranate and other crackers at home and sell it in the market. This cracker often causes the cause of the accident.
  • Stay with the children while releasing firecrackers and tell them the safe way to run firecrackers.
  • While lighting crackers like firecrackers, make sure that its tip is not on the window, door and any open building. This can be the cause of the accident.
  • Do not try to experiment with crackers or make crackers of yourself.
  • Avoid burning fireworks on the road.
  • Do not keep the rest crackers around while burning a cracker.
  • Never burn crackers in your hand. Burn it down and keep it down.
  • Most of the incidents of burning occur during pomegranate burning. Therefore, take special precautions while burning pomegranate. If possible, put yourself and children in your eye glasses.

How to Celebrate Safe Diwali ? Essay In English

Pregnant women should be special care

Pregnant women who have respiratory problems should stay away from pollution. Especially if a woman has asthma, they should keep an inhaler with herself at all times. To reduce the risk of allergies, keep the fluffs, etc. out of the house as long as possible. Avoid pollution spread by firecrackers.These pollutants are not good for the innocent in the stomach. The carbon monoxide from the environment, which they breathe, transports them into proper circulation of oxygen in the body. If this harmful gas passes through the placenta of the embryo, the child in the womb can not get enough oxygen. Often women engage in festival preparations and care for food.

They should eat nutritious food in a small amount of 1 to 2 hours intervals. If possible, keep drinking water every hour. Doing so can save you from the problems of dizziness by unconsciousness and lethargy. Doctors advised that pregnant women do not get out during fireworks.

conditions of burning-

There are two conditions of burning: Burning a superfishal burning, that is, burning deep and second deep burning. In the superficial burn, there is pain and blisters and it is not very serious. In deep burn the body part of the body becomes numb and this is a serious condition. Consider the burning of a palm equal to one percent in the medical burn charts. There is no need to panic on burning of 10 percent of children and 15 percent of the elderly.If this happens, keep the burnt portion in flowing water for about 15-20 minutes. It causes irritation and lack of blisters. If the irritation is not calm, then add olive oil. If the problem is not less then go to the doctor. But do not place baronols, blue medicines, inks, toothpaste etc. By going to the doctor, he has difficulty clearing all these things and time is wasted. Second, the doctor does not see how much the patient is burnt.This causes problems in proper treatment. Some people put ice on the scorched area. On very light burn, you can keep ice for up to 5 minutes, but if you keep it longer, then there is a risk of hypothermia (temperature decrease in body temperature). Apply Silver Sulfadiazine cream on the frying. It matches the brand name of Alorex, Burnil, Burn Aid, Heal, etc. In addition, soframycin, neosporin or silverex can also be applied. These are antibiotic creams.

Antibiotic creams also prevent external bacteria, control the bacteria growing beneath the dead skin. Put creamy ointment on a light strip with cotton, so that the medicine is not left. There is also protection from such bacteria. On pain and irritation, paracetamol ,Crocin , Brufen etc can take painkiller. If not allergic then take a tablet of  Disprin of 325 mg. This will reduce irritation and help the skin recover quickly.Wait for at least half an hour of irritation after taking the painkiller, because any medicine gets into the stomach and dissolves so much time. Later, to remove the scars quickly, fucidin-h cream or Add flutivate cream.

Note: Do not use any medicine without the advice of the doctor.

More burning

Do not escape if there is a fire in the clothes, because the fire increases if the oxygen gets by air on the escape. If you lie down on the ground and roll the body on the ground then the fire will be extinguished. Bring the victim to the open so that he does not panic and he can also get oxygen. Unload her clothes so they do not stick to the body.

Protection of eyes and ears

flake falls in the eye during occasional crackers. Then the pollution increases with the smoke of firecrackers. This can cause eye irritation. This poor air also proves to be fatal for asthma patients.

The eye

Whenever the kids come back by running crackers, clean their eyes with clean and cold water. Often, feeling exhausted on the exit from the second day of Diwali, because there is a pollution in the air. Wash the eyes frequently with plain clean water. If there is more difficulty, you can use any eye drop with the doctor’s advice.Even if there is slight tingling in the eye, it does not have any issues with it and neither can it touch it again and again. It may cause wounds. Wash the eyes with eye water and show the doctor quickly.If the eyes are soaked in the eye, then apply ice or cold cream on the eyelids. Refresh tear or Gentle name can be inserted into the drop named. Then show the doctor.Do not add rose water or honey, when the eye burns or some fall.

Note: Do not use any medicine without the advice of the doctor.

According to the World Health Organization, those people who live in excessive noise of more than 85 decibels can affect their ability to listen. The limit of 90 decibels is limited to 8 hours, 4 hours in 95 decibels and not more than 2 hours in 100 decibels. More noise than 120 to 155 decibels can spoil our listening power and can also cause very severe pain in the ear. Maintain a distance of 4 meters from the crackers, which have no more than 125 decibels.Bombing firecrackers produce more noise than 125 decibels, so do not burn more noise crackers. If there is a lot of noise around, use a cotton or ear plug in the ear. Take special care of young children. Show the doctor when you have pain in the ear. The sharp sound of firecrackers can damage the ears. More than 150 decibels, the loud noise can spoil our listening power and it can also cause very severe pain in the ear.

Asthma is a respiratory disease. Due to heavy pollution on Diwali, the problem of asthma patients increases. Anyway, these days the cold begins to grow. In such a way, they have a double complaint. Because of the types of toxic gases and lead-like particles coming out of the cracks, asthma pains in the respiratory tract shrink and the entire oxygen can not be found. Asthma attack can occur with slightest negligence. The problems of heart patients increase manifold.To avoid trouble, avoid asthma patients not burning firecrackers. Stay in the house to avoid smoke and pollution. If the smoke comes in the house, keep a clean cotton knife or wet cloth and put it on the mouth. Harmful particles will not be able to penetrate into the body. If there is any problem, take the prescribed medication of the doctor and try to remain calm. If you use inhalers, then use it. Take the hospital if it is too much trouble.

Pets Care

Often people become so puffed up in the fireworks on Diwali that they forget that there is also an innocent pet in their home or neighborhood. Actually, the ability to hear a dog or cat is very fast, so the loud voices of firecrackers can bother him. You can take a few steps to reduce their problems.-

  • Keep your pets away from crackers. They can also be poisoned inside the animals by licking and smelling.
  • Keep your pet in a room that has very few windows so that it does not reach the sound of crackers.
  • If your dogi wants to go somewhere and hide himself, let him do so. Do not force it out.
  • If possible, tie a muffler on the ears of your dog or cat on Diwali or put cotton in his ears so that external
  • voices do not bother him.On Diwali night, when most crackers are run, give your pets food to their favorites so that they get distracted.
  • Before Diwali, you take the medicine from your doctor for your pets. Eating it brings relief from fear and anxiety.
  • Care of children during the Diwali
  • Diwali enjoys most children, but children are unwise and small mistakes can make them a life-long affliction. In such a case, parents should always be with them while lighting firecrackers. Avoid getting into asthma and allergic reactions. Burning of firecrackers leads to many types of chemicals, which act as triggers for allergies.

How to celebrate Diwali safely

Deepawali maintains a separate place in India’s major festivals. Goddess of wealth receives the blessing of wealth and prosperity by worshiping Lord Lakshmi. At the same time, there is a story related to Deepawali that on this day Lord Rama came to Ayodhya in his city after winning victory over Lanka. On this happy occasion, the residents of the city were decorated with lights by enthusiasm. Since then, the festival of Deepawali is considered to be the beginning.In today’s times, people leave crackers too with devotion to Mother Lakshmi on the day of Deepawali. While leaving firecrackers is harmful for environment and also for public health, people do not believe. We tell you how to celebrate this festival with safety and full enjoyment of the family.

Avoid wearing synthetic clothes –

Children and big people in Deepawali also enjoy the fireworks with the worship of Mother Lakshmi. Burning firecrackers at home, only after wearing the cotton cloth in the supervision of the groom, burn it. Avoid wearing synthetic clothes. Pay special attention to their clothes when the children burn firecrackers with you on the night of Diwali. At that time wear only cotton cloth .This reduces the risk of catching fire in cloth, while synthetic fabrics melt when exposed to fire and get more damage by sticking to the skin.

Instructions to Children –

Burning crackers is very dangerous in Deepawali. So our suggestion is to avoid crackers and save children as far as possible. Explain the use of firecrackers only in children’s guidance If children are careless about firecrackers, then explain them about their losses.Children on Diwali are very excited for fireworks, in such a situation that by seeing you busy in some work they can not be patient and leave alone fireworks. So settle all your work before the evening and stay with them at the time of fireworks. They will be even happier as well as safe with you as well.

Choose the right place-

It is very important to choose the location when lighting firecrackers. Always try open space. If the fire occurs the closed space can be more fatal. So burn the firecrackers in the open and empty space. Give the children crackers and burn them with them on some ground or open space.Use a flat and open space to burn pomegranate or chalky especially. If a spark falls apart from the fly, then there is less chance of a serious accident.

Destruction of used firecrackers –

Destroy the used firecrackers with caution. You can put it in a bucket full of water or you can pick it up carefully and keep it in a bucket full of buckets.

Candles & Lamps –

The whole house is illuminated in Deepawali with candles and lamps. Therefore, while lighting lamp and candles in Deepawali, keep in mind that there is no curtain or other combustible substance nearby.

Pet Safety –

All pets living in Deepawali should be especially careful so that they are not suffering from any kind of pain. It is that people keep living in the house because of celebrating their happiness and forget to take care of other pets. Thereby, they have physical pain.

Do not let new experiments –

Children are very inquisitive by nature and they like to do new experiments during enthusiasm. How important is the safe way to burn firecrackers, let them pre-empt it in order to be alert, as well as a tendency to repeat something in children. You must have seen that children try to do the same thing themselves as they see their people doing the same.You may also have seen that some people use rabbit coaches and empty boats to blow up large-scale firecrackers, children are attracted to such exciting experiments, so stop the children from doing so and Expand the harm to this from them and tell them in detail.

Anxiety of Older Persons –

Diwali is a festival of happiness and prosperity and happiness. Therefore, while celebrating this, it must surely be noticed that no one will be harmed by your excessive enthusiasm. All the people living nearby do not tolerate the loud voice of firecrackers. So keep a lot of attention to them.

If crackers run after 10 o’clock

The Supreme Court has ordered that crackers should not be run at night from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. This rule is also applicable this year. If someone does so, then the complaint can be made from the police. For this, you can call 100 or local station number.

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